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This app can be downloaded from the AppStore.

Get lost in a virtual maze with XmasMaze--celebrate Christmas by experiencing the thrill of solving the puzzle and finding your way out of this giant holly field !

Just like in real life, navigate through XmasMaze with your feet: to go north in the maze, walk northward; to go west in the maze, walk westward. Your change of location is instantly reflected on the screen. To go backward, rotate 180 degrees and walk ! 

XmasMaze is the first interactive game of its kind. The easiest way to play this game is in a large field like a football or soccer field (unobstructed by buildings or large trees) so you have room to move and your location can be detected by your iPhone.  The maze is large and takes about 2 hours to complete. There are four checkpoints along the way to confirm you're on the right path.

Played alone or in groups, XmasMaze is sure to provide hours of challenging fun! 

For troubleshooting, go to the support page.