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This application can be downloaded from the AppStore.

MovieMinder is the perfect utility for movie goers that always forget to turn their iPhone back from "silent" mode. How many phone calls have you missed after an evening at the movies?

This application is extremely simple to use. Just tap "Remind Me" near or inside the theater when you put your iPhone on "silent" mode. MovieMinder will run in the background and vibrate automatically after you leave the theater every minute until you turn your iPhone back on from "silent".

Although this app was designed for movie theaters, you can use it for any occasion: a play, a concert, a restaurant... MovieMinder will start vibrating about 5 minutes and 500 meters after you left the theater on your way back home. 

Please note that this application tracks your location, and is configured to run in the background. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

For troubleshooting, go to the support page.