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This application will soon be available on the AppStore.

The MeritsApp is social application to keep track of merits you send to your partner or your friends. Il also keeps track of the merits you receive. 

Your husband took the trash out ? Send him one merit to reward his good behavior. Your children did their homework ? Send them 2 merits ! You decide the number of merits to send, and you get to explain why these merits are truly deserved. 

You start with 10 free merits and you are credited 5 other free merits each week you use the application. If the week has been high in good behavior and you run out, you have the option of buying additional merits. 

The MeritsApp is a new type of social application. Whether you are a soccer mom who believes in positive reinforcement, or just a regular guy who needs a better way to say thank you, this app is for you.

For troubleshooting, go to the support page.