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LapTrack is the iPhone application for all racers, available on the AppStore.

How many times have you been racing in your car or in any other vehicle and wondered how many laps you had completed ? It's easy to lose count in the heat of the battle.

This application counts in real time the number of laps you have completed. There is no setup, just start the app, press the "Start Laps" button when the competition starts, and... race !

The number of laps completed is displayed in an over-sized font to facilitate reading in any racing conditions.

Not only LapTrack tracks the number of laps automatically, but it displays the time elapsed in the current lap as well.  It also computes the best lap you have completed, and the total time spent racing.

When you crossed the finish line, it's time for a little bit of bragging: you can send your race statistics to your friends by email.

The most frequently asked question about LapTrack is: "Can this application be used by foot racers ?". The answer is YES ! No need to buy a specialized lap-counting watch. Just make sure your starting point and your mid-race point are at least 100 meters (330 feet) away from each other.

Please note that this application tracks your location, and is configured to run in the background. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

TIP: LapTrack will pick up more precisely the location of the finish line if you wait a least 30 seconds between the time you start the application and the time you start the race.

For troubleshooting, go to the support page.