Web-based Apps

    All web-based products are open sourced under the GPL license and use the following enablers:
    • Java (version 5 or greater)
    • Apache Tomcat (version 5 or greater) or Oracle Applications Server
    • MySQL (version 5 or greater) or Oracle 10g.
    Not only Corendal web based applications are free to download, but they are also free to host. No need to pay a Microsoft Windows license, you can use a free Linux distribution instead. Corendal Directory, Corendal Wiki and Corendal DocSide can be hosted both on a Windows or a Linux/Unix machine. 
    All applications that are made available are used daily in an enterprise environment with numerous users, with the developer on site. None of the applications are "beta". If you care to look at the implementation, you'll find a high quality code that has gone through many refactorings over the years, taking advantage of many user feedbacks and years of production support.
    The maturity of these applications makes them highly stable and customizable.

    iPhone Maze Apps

    • CornMaze simulates the fun of getting lost in a maze. You navigate through the maze with your feet!
    • PumpkinMaze is a maze with a Halloween theme.
    • XmasMaze is a maze with a Christmas theme.

    Other iPhone Apps

    • eGretel tracks your position in real time, and puts a breadcrumb along your path.
    • LapTrack tracks automatically the number of laps you have completed in a race.
    • MovieMinder reminds you to turn your phone back up after going to the movies.
    • DemeritsApp tells your partner or your friends how you really feel.