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Corendal is a brand of open source solutions for the enterprise. In this site, you will find the official documentation to install and use Corendal products. You'll find news as well. All Corendal web-based products are free, open source and distributed under the GPL license. You can use each application separately, or combined. If you're in a hurry and just want to download the apps, go to the downloads section.

Corendal Directory

This web-based solution is used to manage accounts, contacts and groups in Active Directory. This is the best web-based open source solution for the daily tasks typically undertaken by the service desk/help desk. Corendal Directory can also be used by end-users as an enterprise directory. Additional features such as mass update capabilities are also included, they are targeted at Active Directory administrators. Read More...
Corendal Directory has reached 10000 downloads.

Corendal Wiki

This solution is a collaborative web application used to share free-format content in the enterprise. It is very well integrated with Active Directory accounts and groups. It also features many access right options. It is the perfect solution when only a Wiki is needed as opposed to collaborative swiss-knife solutions proposed elsewhere in the market place. Read More...
Corendal Wiki has reached 8000 downloads since its first release in 2005.

Corendal DocSide

This solution is a document management application. It is the perfect solution when only a document management solution is needed, or for a document-based intranet. Read More...
Corendal Wiki has reached 2000 downloads since its first release in 2005.


About the Author

Thierry Danard is the main author of all Corendal applications. This site and all applications have been made available as part of volunteer work. Your help is needed, mainly to improve the documentation around all Corendal products.
If you have a question about a Corendal solution, if you want to report your successes (or failures) using a Corendal application at work, or if you want to help, please contact me at tdanard@yahoo.com. Thank you for visiting this site !